The Secret Science of Combat Strategy – Now Available

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The Secret Science of Combat Strategy presents an invaluable resource for anyone interested in martial arts hoping to improve their knowledge and skills.

What are the best fighters feeling, thinking, and doing before, during, and after combat? The intriguing answer to this question seeks to satiate those who are curious about the secret world the martial artist inhabits. This remarkable book also includes photographs that exemplify the true spirit of martial arts, designed to enhance the beauty, wisdom, and deep insight into the science of combat strategy.

Whether you are a practitioner of any combat system or are simply a fan of mixed martial arts, this guide offers a peek into the heart and soul of elite fighters who are true martial artists. Ultimately, The Secret Science of Combat Strategy is about winning—how to win in combat and how to win in life.



  • “This book describes a training that has given me a direction to where I want to be. It inspires and challenges me spiritually, mentally and physically. The only way to understand this is to experience it for yourself.” [Mirella Dottori – PhD – Scientist]
  • “The time I spend training in the techniques taught in this book is an investment that compounds into every area of my life.” [Daniel Sharp – Teacher]
  • “Amazing! There’s no end in sight. Each step I am guided on leads me to secret, hidden places I never could have imagined existed.” [Daniel Somerville – Software Developer]
  • “This book is about growing into a better version of myself. I am certainly a different person – a calmer, more focused and healthier person for my training.” [James Irving – Lawyer]
  • “This book describes a journey of self-discovery that has offered me more than any book I’ve ever read. It has a special way of showing the beauty of art and life. As an artist, I realise that there are no tricks, just a constant testing of the body. However this training is showing me how to move beyond the body in pursuit of a better understanding of myself and my art.” [Kieran Courley – Dancer, Australian Ballet Company]